Offering fresh popped salty/sweet kettle corn and All Natural Fruit Shaved Ices since 2007!
Lone Star Kettle Corn is a family owned business in Kyle, TX.  We offer fresh popped kettle corn (salty and sweet) and All Natural Fruit Shaved Ices to serve at any event. 

This started as a small side business for our family to earn extra income.  After a year or so of playing with various ingredients and brands, we found the magic formula that pleased the crowds.  Within a couple of years of making an addictive product (nicknamed Kettle Krack by many of our fans), we were stocking the shelves of local grocery stores and boutiques.  

Now a full time job for one member of the family, the demand has grown to stock more retail locations and the calendar stays full with festivals, carnivals and working with Sam's Club.  Most of our events have a fundraising component that 20-25% of the sales goes back to help charities/non-profits, including the sales at Sam's Club with the 25% donation helping groups such as Children's Miracle Network and Dell Children's Hospital.

How cool is it to have a full time job making an awesome product that also helps give back!!

Making our product even better, we have no preservatives, it is gluten free, and a GMO free variation is available using Safflower oil.  Our standard kettle corn uses a mushroom popcorn, corn oil (safflower for those wanting GMO free), sugar, vanilla, and salt.  Having this all natural ingredient list makes this a great snack with only approximately 170 calories per 3 cups!!!

The Gourmet Fruit Ice we offer is also a great natural snack with fruits that are pureed and whipped in ice. So you basically have a treat that is frozen fruit with a small amount of sugar to stabilize the product into a sorbet like consistency. 

If you would like to have us at your next event, please contact us at or (817) 905-8327.